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First off, I got new glasses. Yay!

Secondly, I entered a blogging contest to win a cash prize, a trip to New York, and a guest blogging gig on a professional fashion site. Only you can decide if I win! :) Please vote for me -- it honestly takes less than two minutes.

All you have to do is a) sign in to your Facebook account, b) go to this website, and c) look for the photo below! Click on the heart and you're done.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!
You guys are the best. :)


Hello, hello

I apologize for being so M.I.A. lately. I've had a couple out-of-town visitors staying here so of course, my attention has been devoted to them! I've also been working on my new, public blog. I strongly suggest you check it out, because I'll be posting there more often!

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who answered the questions in this entry. I really appreciate that you took the time to give me a little more information about you. :) I must confess that I normally only add females ages 18-28. Being a 23-year-old girl, I've found that this system makes me feel the most comfortable and I also have more in common with that demographic. However, I did decide to make some exceptions this time, and I added almost everyone who showed me a photo (either by e-mailing, posting or having one as their icon). Like I said, it just makes me feel safe knowing there's a real person behind the computer screen!

I'll probably be doing a friends cut within the next month or two after I figure out who I really click with. But I did want to give everyone a fair chance to be a part of my life!

It seems that my Spotlight is over, so I'll be going friends-only after this entry. I'll be discussing more personal matters, but you can still read about my music, movie, food & fashion thoughts at Blogger. This will be more of a journal, and I'm excited to have people to share it with and get advice from! Being new-ish in this city, I don't have many people to talk to.

Being in the Spotlight was an amazing experience. I've met people from all over the world, from all different walks of life. People have e-mailed me asking for advice about moving to LA (I'll get back to you, promise!) which I find so cool. I love helping people out because I've been helped in the past, and why not continue spreading that positivity?

I will no longer be signing these entries as The-Loudmouth. She has moved. Now I am simply, Stephanie. :)


photos for web

Happy new year, friends! I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday.

Thanks to those of you who took the time to answer the questions I asked in my last entry. However, I was surprised that only 2 of 17 commenters actually posted a photo. Some LJ-ers didn't know how or didn't want to post publicly or didn't say anything at all.

Sharing a photo with me is important for a few reasons. One, I post photos of myself for you to see, and I expect the same trust from you. Secondly, I want to make sure that no one is here to stalk or spam -- being in the Spotlight opens so many doors for that! And third, it simply helps me put a face to the name. It's easier to remember who everyone is when I have a picture associated with it. I believe these reasons are understandable and I hope no one takes what I'm writing as negative or bitchy.

If you didn't post a photo, please e-mail one, unless you absolutely cannot, to It will make me feel safer and hopefully increase our level of friendship! :)

I think this would be the perfect time for a little tutorial on photos for the web. Here are three popular hosting sites that I've had experience with. Which one is best? You decide!

Name: Photobucket
(Sign up here)
Founded: 2003
Pros: Free registration, 500MB free storage, easy copy & paste codes for sharing, creative options such as a slideshow builder
Cons: Unlimited space only available with paid account ($24.95/year), photos may come out blurry due to compression
Summary: I've used Photobucket for years. It's easy, but the quality is lacking compared to other venues. I've kept my account open because I have thousands of photos there and don't want them to disappear, but I've since moved on to Picasa.

Name: Picasa Web Albums
(Sign up with Google to use)
Founded: 2006
Pros: Free registration, 1GB free storage, photos can be uploaded from a variety of devices, easy editing tools
Cons: Users must pay for more than 1GB of space (starting at $5/year for 20GB), unable to create sub-albums
Summary: I love the quality of my photos here and I haven't had any issues with it yet. I also appreciate that it's linked with Google and therefore to my site on Blogger.

Name: Flickr
(Sign up with Google or Yahoo to use)
Founded: 2004
Pros: Free registration, a great way for photographers to display their work
Cons: 100MB monthly upload limit, only 200 images viewable with a free account (unlimited with a $24.95/year pro account)
Summary: When signing up for Flickr a few years ago, the specifics for free storage were unclear. It wasn't until I reached my limit that I realized there was a limit. Both Photobucket and Picasa have much more freedom for storing photos, and there is no limit to how many can be displayed with a free account.

Hope this helps!

Obnoxiously yours,

ATTN: new friends

It's December 30 and, as promised, I've randomly selected two winners for the giveaway. The results are at my new blog, so head on over to see if you've won!

(photo credit: bargain

Being in the LiveJournal spotlight has opened doors for new and wonderful friendships, but it's hard to keep track of everyone who has commented so far. If you've added me or plan to, please respond to the following questions so I can learn more about you! (Old friends are welcome to participate as well.) I'll do it, too.

Name: Stephanie
Age: 23
Location: Los Angeles, CA
E-mail address (optional):
Favorite music: Mostly hip-hop, rap, r&b. A little bit of dance/pop and indie rock. Pretty much anything but country!
Favorite movies: (500) Days of Summer, Knocked Up, Mean Girls, Almost Famous, Say Anything
Favorite foods: Pizza, bread, salmon, chocolate, wine
Favorite fashion statement: Obnoxiously large jewelry!
A photo of yourself:

I'm on the far right.

Now it's your turn. :)

Obnoxiously yours,


cheers to the new year

Inspired by Grit and Glamour's post detailing her greatest moments and accomplishments of 2010, I've decided to also make a year's end entry. However, mine is going to include stats from all five years that I've been using this account. It's the end of half a decade of faithfully using LiveJournal as my main space for creativity, so I'd like to dedicate this entry to that.

Most popular entries:

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My personal favorites:

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Although this didn't become a public fashion blog until September 2010, there have been many people in my life who supported my writing efforts no matter what my focus was, and I'd like to give you many heartfelt thanks. Just as important are the family, friends, fashionistas, and fellow bloggers who have pushed and pulled me forward in more recent months. All of you are my inspiration and your positivity keeps me strong in this dark world.

Obnoxiously yours,


replay value

Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's because I have a boyfriend in the film industry -- but I love watching trailers. There are a select few that give me chills, butterflies, and pull me through an entire movie all over again. Here are three, in the order that they appeared over the last two years: (500) Days of Summer, The Social Network, and Black Swan.

If you haven't seen these movies yet, then what are you waiting for? And if you have, I'd love to know what you think!

Obnoxiously yours,



Hi everyone! Well, I was so excited when I woke up this morning and saw that I was finally featured on the LiveJournal homepage. I'd like to give a little welcome message to any new readers I may have. Thanks for stopping by!

First, I'd like to clarify how long I've been in LA and with LJ. I actually moved from Michigan to California in 2009, but I've used LJ for ten years now. This account has been in existence for five, starting out as like__a__movie and then changed to theloudmouth in September 2010.

I've loved writing since I could spell my name, but I was never quite sure what I wanted to write. While I was a young teen, I focused on novels and poetry. Then I joined the theatre company in high school and began working on short plays.

In college, I got a part-time job at Ann Taylor and it changed my perspective on fashion. I learned to care about what I wore each day and soon became addicted to clothing and especially accessories. I became obsessed with fashion magazines and began writing about what I read.

But it wasn't until I moved to Los Angeles that I decided to focus my writing skills on fashion. I currently work full-time at a private airport and I'm still at Ann Taylor on the side, but I blog whenever I can. I feel that it's practice for the professional fashion writing I apsire to do one day.

My other passions include music, movies and food (mostly eating, but cooking attempts as well). Among fashion tips and photoshoots, you'll find music musings, movie reviews, and favorite dishes.

Within the last month, I've decided to move my public posts to a more appropriate venue -- Blogger. I'll still be using LiveJournal, but it'll go friends-only on January 4. Please add me as a friend if you like what you see, and let me know so I can add you back! If you have a Blogger account, you may follow me here. I'm also on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' and YouTube.


Obnoxiously yours,

ghosts of christmases past






photos from 2010 to come! hope everyone has an excellent holiday (and a happy saturday to those of you who don't celebrate christmas).

don't forget that i'll be in the livejournal spotlight on december 27 and starting to post at blogger december 30! i'm going to extend the public life of this site due to the spotlight, so starting january 4 it'll go friends-only (and therefore more personal, ooh).

also, kristy of vogue gone rogue mentioned me on her full-time fabulous sunglass hut blog after #TEAMKRISTY day. i strongly encourage you to at least rate her posts five stars because it doesn't take long and she's such a great blogging mentor and friend!

i can't wait to read about your weekends. take lots of pictures! ;)

obnoxiously yours,


wesołych swiąt

as aforementioned about twelve hours ago, i hosted a polish christmas dinner last night (traditionally known as wigilia). ideally, it would have been served as displayed above -- but even if i owned a table that big, it wouldn't fit in my apartment. i share a one-bedroom with two other people! (photo credit:

my mother is on the left, and my grandmother (babcia in polish) on the right -- isn't she stylish?

i am 50% polish and my babcia moved to america when she was my age. my family has carried on the traditions of our heritage for years. i don't want to say too much without photos; i used my new camera last night but i don't yet have a USB port that fits it. you'll just have to wait for the details!

i would love to know what your cultures and nationalities do for the holidays. are there any traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation?

obnoxiously yours,